Grow or Die!

Grow or DieGrow or die! I like that. The growing part, not the dying part. I guess a nicer way to put it is: If you aren’t improving then you’re standing still. That’s what I’d like to talk about today.

Have you ever met someone who is merely coasting along in life? They have it pretty good. They have a car, a job, a place to live, food to eat and cable TV. What more is there to life?

Okay, I think we all know people like that. They are not moving anywhere in their life. Nothing has changed in their life for the last ten years. They haven’t done a thing to improve themselves or make this world a better place. Most of their time is spent in front of the TV watching sports or the news or, heaven forbid, reality shows! They spend two or three hours a day reading the newspaper from cover to cover only to throw it away the very next day because just about everything in it is worthless. Each day they go through the same process. Life is just a big circle going round and round headed for nowhere. Each day finds them not one bit better than the day before. Each day they contribute nothing to better the world they live in. They are content and satisfied with the status quo.

I think that’s very sad. Life is for LIVING!

There is a woman that I know who is in her eighties. Right now she’s enrolled in college and working on a degree. She’s continuing to improve herself to make herself better. I think what a contrast between her and most retired people. How would it be if all the retired people in the world continued until the day they died to improve themselves, to learn new skills and worked every day to make this world a better place? Many do and I admire those people and I want to be like them. I hope I die when I’m 105 working on my pilot’s license and not lying in bed at an old-folks home.

If a plant stops growing, what is it? It’s DEAD! What happens when you stop growing? I think you get the idea. There seems to be a lot of people in this world who have stopped living. They have just delayed the funeral. Don’t be one of them. My challenge to you today is to continue to improve yourself, to continue to move forward, to move higher, to keep growing.

4 thoughts on “Grow or Die!

  1. I like this line of thought; I’m wondering what I ought to be doing to improve the world. Simply by establishing a proper garden on my trailer pad this spring? Saving and paying off part of my mortgage?

    Perhaps concentrating on an article I myself could write and publishing it, hoping someone would benefit from my illustrious wisdom gained from reaching my seventies.

  2. Thanks for your comment Carly. No one can do everything to improve the world but each of us can do something. I’m sure you have gained a great amount of wisdom throughout your life that the rest of us could benefit from. Don’t keep it inside, share it! Good luck.

  3. Thanks, Gary … and I want to thank you for this terrific site you’ve provided.
    I actually got it from another self help program … THE SECRET … indirectly I found your site by looking up your father’s name (I’m guessing it’s your father).
    This led me to FlyGoogleAirlines to see what was there for me.

    BTW – today’s segment of The Secret is …

    QUOTE – If you have a friend who is going through any kind of difficult time, help
    them by making sure you maintain your joy. Your good feelings will help lift them. You can also help them by directing their conversations so they speak about what they want. As they fall into speaking about what they don’t want, just keep gently leading them back to speaking about what they want. You can also speak to them as though their difficult time is over, and suggest they imagine that it is all passed and worked out beautifully.

    Be the conductor when you speak with them, and help them stay in tune with the Universe. UNQUOTE

    I intend to work this wisdom on my daughter who is going through a rough time.

    • Carly,
      That’s good advice about helping others focus on what they want instead of what they don’t want. I wish you the best with your daughter.

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